6 Popular Restaurants in Irvine CA

6 Popular Restaurants in Irvine CA

Dining in Orange County envelops you in an ambiance with a myriad of scenes, such as that in the upscale area of Irvine. The city holds an eclectic mix of small restaurants, food franchises, casual dining amidst a great view, and fine dining steakhouses from different cuisines. These are food stops are mostly beloved by surfers, locals, and all tourists who want to taste some good food. Here are some of the popular restaurants in Irvine CA to hang out with friends, dine out with the family, or just grab a bite the next time you visit:


Mexican: Javier’s Cantina & Grill
Location – 45 Fortune Drive


Savor high quality Mexican specialties in the relaxed environment at Javier’s. The structure has been intricately designed down to the tiniest details to produce an authentic feel. The dining areas are quite spacious and will keep you comfortable even when the restaurant is always full. Diners are typically the people of Irvine on work lunches, tourist shoppers, and families on a weekend trip.


California-Italian: CUCINA Enoteca
Location – 31 Fortune Drive


Sister restaurant of the well-know San Diego CUCINA Urbana, the CUCINA Enoteca presents a fresh dining experience with a California-Italian setting that comes with its sumptuous food offerings. Some of the menu items include antipasti, pizzas, and salads and pizzas. The restaurant’s location at Irvine provides many people-watching opportunities as you dine.


Hawaiian: Poke Dot
Location – 17921 MacArthur Boulevard


Cheers to good health with the variety offered at Poke Dot, comprised of fresh tropical servings of Hawaiian food. They have tuna, salmon, crab, scallops, yellowtail, among many other interesting and nutritious dishes. You are free to have a rice bowl in any combination, but if you prefer not to, you can have a similarly delicious wrap or salad instead.


American: Paul Martin’s American Grill
Location – 31 Fortune Drive


An American bistro focused on Irvine’s fresh local ingredients, topped by high quality service. The restaurant ambiance is sleek and modern, situated in a corner nearby the CUCINA Enotica. It can be easily overlooked, yet you wouldn’t want to miss such good food in a beautiful place. Paul Martin’s offers some of the best cocktails in the city and is the ideal venue for a nice business lunch.


Korean: Dada Shabu Shabu
Location – 4690 Irvine Blvd., Suite 104


Shabu shabu, the Japanese concept of cooking food by yourself over a stove or boiling pot, is an experience made available right in the city. Dada Shabu Shabu is the Korean version that lets you freely choose which meals to cook, from the meat to veggies and noodles, and lets you, your family and friends have fun doing it.


Pizza: Mad Pie
Location – 19530 Jamboree Road, Unit B


Mad Pie is a DIY pizza restaurant in Irvine that offers a customized experience, delivering you with a unique pizza just the way you like it. How about going with red, maybe white cream, or some spicy Mad Sauce? For cheese you can simply have the regular choices you can have anywhere else, or dare to try the Mad Cheese Whiz. Whichever flavor you come up with, the Mad staff can have it ready in merely just a few minutes.


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