The Rich History of Irvine California

The Rich History of Irvine California

California SealIt has to be understood from the onset of this content that the history of the above city is not a long one! In fact, the current growing city is less than fifty years old. However, Irvine region is one of the few cities in the US that has a rich history; a history blended with a bunch of outstanding activities ranging from agriculture and ranching to education. To have a precise picture of the above city, its history will be analyzed following a prescribed period; as unveiled herein.


2000 years and back


Archaeologists and scientists have tabled evidence suggesting that people have been living in the Irvine area for at least 12, 000 years ago. From historical books, when the Spanish explorer, Gaspar De Portola arrived in the San Joaquin Valley in 1769, he found out that Gabrielino Indians were already inhabiting the place.


Mid 1800


This is the time when San Joaquin Valley was passed from Spain to Mexico. However, it was shortly given to the United States. This was to become the land that is currently referred to as the City of Irvine. During that time, the primary activity of the city was ranching. In fact, the land was divided into large ranching grounds support hundreds and thousands of horses and cattle. The well-known farms include the Rancho Santiago De Santa Ana, Rancho Lomas De Santiago, and Rancho San Joaquin.


Inherently, several court cases arose from land disputes among the ranchers, and the ultimate ruling was that all the ranches would become the property of the Flint, Bixby, and Irvine families. However, in the year 1878, Irvine family bought out the shares of the two other partners at an approximate cost of 150,000 dollars, creating the great Irvine Ranch with an estimated acreage of 110,000.


Early 1900


After acquiring the ownership of the entire land, the Irvine family changed the activity of the area from ranching to agriculture. They engaged in large-scale crop production, and some of the crops planted include Lima beans, olives, asparagus, oranges, strawberries, and avocados.


To process their farm produce, James Irvine Jr. started a company, commonly referred to as The Irvine Company. This lead to the development of a small agricultural town. In fact, up to then, the city preserved and is known as the Old Town Irvine.


Mid 1900


At the onset of the 1940s, the great mass of land that was under intensive ranching and farming for last 100 plus years began to diversify soon after The Irvine Company sold part of the land to the government of United States. This transferred land was set aside for the construction of two Marine Air stations. The modern history of Irvine CA started when The Irvine Company sold another 1,000 acres of land to the University of California. This land was meant for construction of an educational center, The Irvine UCI campus.


The 1970s and beyond


At the beginning of 1970, The Irvine Company transformed their idle land, the 43 square miles land bordering the new campus into a master-planned community having over 50, 00 people. Neighborhoods and residential houses took the place of ranching and crop plantations as Irvine quickly became one of the California’s fastest growing city.




While the city currently supports a thriving community of over 214,00 people, Irvine CA will always be applauded with a very unusual bequest of its founding family – The Irvine family.


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