Top 4 Landmarks Of Garden Grove California

Top 4 Landmarks Of Garden Grove California

Founded in 1874 by Alonzo Cook, Garden Grove was started as a rural community. It is a city located in the northern Orange County in the United States, California. Its place along the railroad brought a market to farmers of walnuts, oranges, strawberries, and chili peppers. The annual strawberry festival is usually held over a Memorial Day Weekend featuring a parade of both beauty pageants and vendors. The town prides itself on having a wide array of fascinating sceneries and landmarks. Hence, this write-up is intended to give you an insight into the top landmarks of Garden Grove CA.


1. Christ Cathedral (formerly known as Crystal Cathedral)

The Christ Cathedral is a church or religious building that was built with great architectural skills. It was designed by an American architect known as Philip Johnson. The building of the church was completed in 1981 with a capacity of 2,736 seats. It is known to be the largest glass building in the world that is globally recognized for its innovative appearance. Furthermore, it has one of the largest musical instruments in the world, the Hazel Wright Memorial organ. You will be surprised by the interior of this non-traditional church, where its towering pipe organ is framed by blue sky via an immense lattice of glass and steel. Inside the church, you will feel a cool breeze blow across your skin since it has strategically placed windows that open automatically in response to temperature change. Therefore, if you are interested in architecture, you will appreciate the top-notch skills used to design the Crystal Cathedral.


2.Santa Ana Water Tower

The historic Santa Ana water tower was built in 1928. It stands 153 feet tall and was designed to hold one million gallons of water. It overlooks the Santa Ana (I-5) Freeway. When it was built, this high water tower would supply more than enough water for the then 30,000 residents of Santa Ana. Nonetheless, approximately 85 years later, Santa Ana`s population is more than ten times that number, but the tower is still used to supply up to 800,000 gallons of water to the residents.


3.Rancho Los Alamitos

The Rancho Los Alamitos is a famous historical place in Garden Grove CA. It is also known as the sacred Tongva village of Povuu`ngna, which is the traditional birthplace of all the native people of Los Angeles basin. Furthermore, it prides itself with the evolution of its substantial historical landscape. Rancho Los Alamitos incorporates an adobe core ranch house, traces of the ancestral village, four acres of lush historic gardens, and the refurbished working farm feedlot developed during the early-mid 20th century. Therefore, if you want to experience the living story of Garden Grove CA, Rancho Las Alamitos has it all.


4.Anaheim Red Cross

The Anaheim Red Cross is a historic building in the Orange County, Garden Grove CA. It is reported that according to a particular legend when a man and a woman walk up the house`s stairs to the second floor, the ghost of the original caretaker of the house push them together if the it considers them a perfect couple. This could seem scary to many people, but this house has proved that apparently, not all ghosts are out to scare you.


5.Black Star Canyon

The Black Star Canyon is regarded as one of the creepiest places in all of Garden Grove CA. On this canyon, you can enjoy the rustic beauty of the rugged patch of the land overwhelmed by the avalanche of eeriness that allegedly happens in the place at night.


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