Vietnamese Culture in Garden Grove CA

Vietnamese Culture in Garden Grove CA

Little Saigon is a name given to ethnic enclaves of expatriate Vietnamese for the most part in English-talking free nations. It have the 2nd largest Viet population in the US in Garden Grove. Alternate names include Little Vietnam and Little Hanoi, contingent upon the enclave’s political history. Saigon is the former name of the capital of the former South Vietnam, where a substantial number of original Vietnamese immigrants touching base to the United States start, though Hanoi is the present capital of Vietnam.


VietnamThe Vietnamese Culture in Garden Grove CA has been greatly influenced by that of China as it was once under the rule of the Chinese monarch. Further, during the different eras through history of colonization and socialism, the culture and traditions of Vietnam have evolved with an essence of each of these eras intact, to become what it is today. This agricultural civilization that has been prevalent from ancient times has a rich and colourful heritage and unique traditions and practices that have passed down from generation to generation.


The culture of Vietnam has close affinity to that seen in China but the main religion is a mix of three religions; Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism to form a ‘Triple Religion’. From the time of the French colonizers the national language has been based on the Latin alphabet and Vietnam remains the only Indochina nation to continue using it today. Water puppetry is a popular form of theatre where puppets are controlled by bamboo sticks underwater and perform epic stories from the past. Human chess is also something not seen in many places around the world; it is where people take the station of chess pieces and a small choreographed battle is fought to capture a square.

There are very fewa rules and regulations and with westernization they have been further made lenient but the essence of the Vietnamese culture revolves around ancestor veneration, respect for one another, family values, manual labour, handicrafts and devotion to study. Ancestor veneration plays a significant role in the lives of the Vietnamese people and respect is demanded of elders not only depending on age but also in terms of relationships. While in the Chinese culture family comes before clan, in Vietnam, clan comes before family. The people of Vietnam Garden Grove CA like those in Thailand are a peace loving people and avoid conflict and disagreement as far as possible.

The Vietnamese also have a customary dress, “Ao Dai”, which is a standout amongst the most elegant and beautiful dresses for ladies. It’s extremely simple, comprising of a close-fitting blouse, with long boards in the front and back, that is worn over loose white trousers. This makes Vietnamese to look beautiful especially when walking down a street in Garden Grove CA, It makes people very happy to see this and makes people proud of their traditional long dress so much.

Lifestyle: The Viet normally live in one story houses. Their houses were mixes of living quarters-yards-gardens-lakes. The principle house used to have from three to five rooms with the center one being the most important, where the progenitor’s sacrificial stones were set. Different territories were areas where all family exercises and unwinding occurred. There were constantly little wings where the ladies dozed and where foods and family belonging were kept. Kitchens were found home to pigsties. In many Southern areas, kitchens were made home to the primary living quarters. Yards, used for drying things, family exercises, and also to relax, are situated to the locale’s humid, tropical climate.


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